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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we accept HSA and FSA?

We are approved to accept HSA and FSA cards for our services!

Does an IV hurt?

The Staff at InVigorate are highly skilled nurses with more than 25+ years of combined experience. We will make the IV insertion process comfortable for you and guide you through each step. Most customers state they feel a little pinch when the IV is inserted. We do offer a Lidocaine numbing cream to help increase comfort and decrease pain if needed. 

Can I customize my drip?

We offer a variety of Montana themed blends with ingredients to meet your needs. This does allow for customization in your drip. Book consult with a nurse if you want to discuss what would be best for you. 

How often can I repeat infusions?

Frequency of infusions are dependent on the person and the goal of treatment. Most customers receive infusions on a monthly basis. Ask our nurses if you are wanting recommendations on what would be best for you. 

How long does an infusion take?

All our infusions are 1000 milliliters of fluids, this equates to 1 liter. Infusion rates are dependent on what vitamins are in the infusion. It also depends on the persons veins and the size of the catheter used to access the vein. On average you can expect an infusion to take 30-60 minutes of time. 

How old do I have to be to get an infusion?

You have to be 18 years or older to receive an infusion or injection.

Can I book outside of your posted business hours?

Yes! please text, email or call us so we can accommodate your request. 

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